Has your company’s IT land scape grown organically?

Does meeting growth requirements  complicate maintaining physical security and allocating power and cooling resources?

Moves, Adds and Changes present challenges to data centre and facilities staff that are often not planned for by the rest of the business but never the less still need to be addressed.

Our Complete-Data-Centre (CDC) provides a rapidly deployable, turnkey and cost effective solution to these challenges.

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Compact. Validated. Turnkey-ready.

The Complete-Data-Center for virtual environments offers many advantages

» Best-practice-design

The tried-and-tested room layout to suit all the requirements of the components can be called undoubtedly "best practice". Coarse technology (FM) and fine technology (IT) are separated by a grid wall.
Access restrictions, for example, for maintenance personnel, is easier to implement.

» Double safety in case of fire

The container shell provides full fire protection against risks both internally and externally. In addition
to the fire prevention system via the reduction of oxygen inside the container, no emergency power shut
down is required in the case of fire. Meanwhile, the data availability remains guaranteed.

» Versality

As well as being agnostic to  the IT it’s housing the CDC provides numerous deployment options; in a warehouse, a car park, the roof of a building and hostile environments such as deserts, oil platforms and mines.
The time to deployment is also greatly reduced by the fact that the CDC is not subject to many of the same building and planning regulations as a traditional data centre.

» Applications for the CDC are wide and varied

  • Providing additional technology space when existing data centre resources have been used up
  • Providing a dedicated IT space when floor space within a building is prioritized for work space
  • Data processing and storage in automated industrial environments
  • Military applications
  • Oil and gas exploration and extraction where data processing needs to be done on site

As well as optimizing deployment flexibility, energy efficiency, space utilization and security, deploying the CDC can also optimize budget and cash flow; leasing options mean that your company’s data centre can be funded in its entirety through OPEX as opposed to CAPEX.

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CDC wins GIT Security Award 2015

More than 75,000 readers of the specialist publication GIT have made their decision: the Complete-Data-Center from DENIOS AG is one of the top security products and has been recognised with a GIT Security Award 2015. more